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Backup Solutions, Offsite Backup services

Your Business data may be your most important business asset. Unfortunately our experience is that most businesses do not have an adequate data backup procedure in place. We can help you put a backup procedure in place that will ensure the integrity of your company’s data.

Tape Drives and Removable Disks

We provide tape and removable disk backup options for local offsite storage. These are minimum requirements for all businesses.

NAS and iSCSI SAN Storage Solutions

We offer disk based NAS (network attached storage) and SAN (storage area network) storage options. Our high-performance, scalable offerings provide an exceptional solution for workgroup storage applications such as email, file, print and Web servers, as well as collaborative databases and remote boot for diskless servers.

Data Recovery Services

TAK Technology has partnered with DriveSavers to provide our clients with the best possibility of recovering their critical data. DriveSavers is the worldwide leader in data recovery services and provides the fastest, most secure and reliable data recovery service available.

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

All businesses regardless of size or industry should have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in case of emergency or natural disaster. We can assist you with resources and solutions to ensure the recovery of your technical infrastructure in case of an emergency. We work with a variety of clients, and BCP specialists to accommodate our client’s preparedness requirements.