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Network Architecture

The design of your network is the core of your technology infrastructure and key to the performance and security of all connected systems. For most small to medium business the network consists of their Local Area Network (LAN) and a broadband connection.Although this may seem uncomplicated the incorrect configuration of your core components can cause dramatic performance and security issues across all systems, such as slow response, poor database performance, poor performance of voice, video and wireless, the inability to connect to machines on your network or share data, the inability to print properly, limited or no remote access and even sporadic internet access.We are experts at designing, implementing and managing all aspects of business networks. If your core network is not designed properly your systems will never perform properly.

Unified Threat Management/Firewall

See our Security Solutions page for more information about network threat protection.

Broadband Access

We have partnered with a variety of broadband vendors to offer a wide range of products and solutions to our clients. It is important that your broadband connection is properly aligned with your core networking requirements. Small changes in your connectivity requirements can dramatically affect your cost and performance. Let us show you how to maximize your broadband, telephony and internet access and reduce your total access costs.

VPN and Remote Connectivity

VPN typically provides the best performance and most secure architecture for remote connectivity to your office. We offer multiple VPN solutions to meet our client’s needs including, Check Point Firewall/VPN the world’s most proven solution, used by 100% of the Fortune 100 Companies. Our recommendations are based on our client’s core infrastructure, broadband connection type, current equipment and remote connectivity needs. Remote connectivity is a critical function of a properly designed network infrastructure

Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN access can provide ease of use for your employees and enhance access for your customers and/or it can create a wide open security flaw on your network. We are partnered with three of the top wireless equipment suppliers in the world to provide fast, secure, well designed and well managed wireless access. As with all network components wireless access is a critical function of a properly designed network infrastructure.